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  • Colombia shall never repeat its tragic history of extermination

    Never again as Colombians should we turn our backs and pretend to ignore these type of tragedies, should we value some lives over other lives... Read More
  • Political and civil rights in Colombia are still systematically violated

    Report presented to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations highlights the continuous violation of Human and Civil Rights in Colombia.... Read More
  • 19 Human Rights Defenders killed between July and September

    Paramilitaries responsible for most violence against community leaders... Read More
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News from Havana, Cuba
Everything about the agreements
Timeline of the Peace Talks
The dynamics of the talks
Communiqués from the FARC-EP
Communiqués FARC-EP and National Government
Communiqués UN, political prisoners and others sectors on the peace process
  • Colombia shall never repeat its tragic Read More
  • Political and civil rights in Colombia Read More
  • 19 Human Rights Defenders killed between Read More
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More than half a century FARC-EP in pictures
The Havana peace process in pictures
What does the FARC-EP look like today?
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  • Latin America, land of femicide +

    The emotional and physical violence that we women experience is Read More
  • 2015, the most violent year for the LGBT community +

    110 people from the LGBT community were killed in 2015... Read More
  • The year of living stupidly +

    Sadly, 2016 will be remembered above all for its cynical Read More
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