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  • The mining strike, multinationals and Venezuela

    "At a closer look, it appears that this is indeed an invading force that devours everything and benefits from police and military protection of the State..." Read More
  • Two FARC-EP members assassinated in less than 12 hours

    Counting these mentioned murders, a total amount of 7 FARC-EP members have been murdered since the Peace Agreement Read More
  • FARC women will incorporate feminist vision in the new party

    The new political party of the FARC will include insurgent feminism as one of its areas of work and action Read More
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News from Havana, Cuba
Everything about the agreements
Timeline of the Peace Talks
The dynamics of the talks
Communiqués from the FARC-EP
Communiqués FARC-EP and National Government
Communiqués UN, political prisoners and others sectors on the peace process
  • My experience in the National Protection Unit Read More
  • The 37 FARC members who exchanged Read More
  • Paramilitaries Flood Zones Vacated by the Read More
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More than half a century FARC-EP in pictures
The Havana peace process in pictures
What does the FARC-EP look like today?
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  • Victory to the hunger strikers +

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  • Colombia’s Guerrillas Come Out of the Jungle +

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  • Worrying levels of violence against children +

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