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  • Green Light to the High Instance with Ethnic Peoples

    The Verification Commission on the Implementation of the Final Agreement, gave the green light to the formation of the High Instance with Ethnic Peoples... Read More
  • The FARC-EP mourns the death of Martin McGuinness

    As a member of Sinn Féin he was closely associated with the search of peace in Colombia, demonstrating his immense and disinterested solidarity... Read More
  • "Spike in attacks against peace community shows conflict still alive" Amnesty International

    “Alarmingly, in large parts of Colombia, the armed conflict is as alive as ever. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have yet to see any difference" Read More
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News from Havana, Cuba
Everything about the agreements
Timeline of the Peace Talks
The dynamics of the talks
Communiqués from the FARC-EP
Communiqués FARC-EP and National Government
Communiqués UN, political prisoners and others sectors on the peace process
  • "Spike in attacks against peace community Read More
  • UN reports killings of activists in Read More
  • Mayor of San Calixto threatened by paramilitaries Read More
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More than half a century FARC-EP in pictures
The Havana peace process in pictures
What does the FARC-EP look like today?
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  • Colombian Artists prepare National Strike +

    Colombian Artists go to strike on 27 March... Read More
  • ‘Our Martin’ +

    In honor of Martin McGuiness, an Irish patriot that dedicated Read More
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  • A woman will run elections for Sinn Fein in North Ireland +

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