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Find here a selection of opinion, background and analysis on the social, political and economic situation in Colombia.

The oil production in Colombia is going downhill, to the point that stocks are depleted by giant steps.

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The inhabitants of the San Martin municipality lived a hectic week as the fracking machinery violently moved in despite the numerous requests, denounces, protests and mobilizations by the community to stop the Conoco Phillips and CNE Oil & Gas companies from settling in.

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Source: Contagio Radio

San Martin is one of the municipalities in the country where oil extraction based on fracking technique is planned to take place; something which the community wants to prevent at all costs, and therefore the population has been mobilizing since December 2015. They are currently preparing towards the second national day against fracking in Colombia and also making preparations to hold a referendum.

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Monday, 05 September 2016 17:27

San Martin dice no al fracking

San Martin è uno dei comuni del paese in cui si prevede di estrarre petrolio utilizzando la tecnica del fracking, un'attività che la comunità vuole impedire.

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Rappresentanti di varie organizzazioni ambientaliste colombiane hanno presentato al Tavolo dei Negoziati dell’Havana un compendio di undici proposte per garantire che le questioni ambientali siano prese in considerazione nel contesto dei colloqui tra le FARC e il governo colombiano ed eventualmente, se possibile, con l’ELN.

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Friday, 19 August 2016 00:00

Environmentalist Proposals Reach Havana

Representatives of several Colombian environmental organizations presented in Havana a compendium of eleven proposals to ensure environmental issues are also taken into account in the context of the negotiations between the FARC and the government, as well as with the ELN.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016 00:00

San Martin marches against fracking

Based on: www.prensarurual.org

Last weekend, the USO (Central Workers' Union) in San Martin, Cesar, promoted a march against fracking as a way to exploit resources. Fracking is a method of extraction which causes a lot of damages to the environment as it alters the ecosystem and ecological balance of territories.

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