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Find here a selection of opinion, background and analysis on the social, political and economic situation in Colombia.
Monday, 21 November 2016 00:00

Eurodeputati scrivono a Santos

In una lettera al Presidente colombiano Juan Manuel Santos, 40 eurodeputati di diversi partiti e gruppi politici hanno confermato il loro sostegno al nuovo Accordo di Pace firmato dal governo colombiano e le FARC-EP e hanno chiesto al presidente una sua rapida implementazione, sempre tenendo al centro dell’accordo le vittime.

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Mr. President:

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In a letter addressed to President Santos, 40 MEPs from different political parties and groups supported the new peace agreement with the FARC and called for a speedy endorsement, keeping the victims at the center of the agreement.

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Avana, Cuba, 7 ottobre 2016

Il premio Nobel per la Pace è stato conferito al presidente Juan Manuel Santos e al popolo colombiano. Ci compiace che il comitato del Premio Nobel conceda questo riconoscimento all’Accordo di Pace che si è costruito in questi sei anni di duro lavoro.

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La Habana, outubro 07 de 2016

O Prêmio Nobel de Paz tem sido outorgado ao Presidente Juan Manuel Santos e ao Povo colombiano. Nos congratula que o Comitê do Premio Nobel conceda esse reconhecimento ao Acordo de Paz, que se construiu durante os últimos seis anos de árduo trabalho.

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O ex-presidente Lula enviou nesta sexta-feira (07) uma mensagem de parabéns ao presidente colombiano, Juan Manuel Santos, ganhador do Prêmio Nobel por seus esforços no estabelecimento da Paz na Colômbia.

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Havana, Cuba, October 7, 2016

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Juan Manuel Santos and the Colombian people. We are pleased that the Nobel committee awarded this recognition for the Peace Agreement, built during six years of hard work.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:00

“See you 10,000 dead later”

By Enrique Santiago, legal advisor to the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP in Havana

The surprising result of the plebiscite held last Sunday in Colombia, where the 'NO' to the Peace Agreement signed between the Government and the FARC-EP has won by a narrow margin of 56,000 votes out of the 12 and a half million casted, places the concluded Peace Process carried out in Havana since 2012, in a delicate position.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016 00:00

Vibrant Ceremony in Havana, Cuba

Great expectations had been created by joint communiqué 75, which was read by the FARC-EP and the Colombian Government on June 22, announcing various agreements to be signed on the 23rd:

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In an interview given by Comandante Timole?n Jim?nez, commander in chief of the FARC-EP, to the Insurgency Broadcast, he spoke about the meeting with Juan Manuel Santos' brother and others important issues.

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