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Find here a selection of opinion, background and analysis on the social, political and economic situation in Colombia.

Noi, deputati del HDP (Partito della Democrazia dei Popoli) in Turchia, condanniamo senza riserve i recenti omicidi di membri delle FARC e dei loro familiari in Colombia.

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29 deputies of the Peoples' Democratic Party in Turkey condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent killings of FARC members and their relatives in Colombia.

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After 9 months of the failed coup against the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country's political order has taken a turn this Sunday with a referendum. After the vote, Turkey's system will cease to be based on a parliamentary government to be a presidentialist, which means that power will fall almost completely on Erdogan.

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Monday, 06 March 2017 16:17

YPJ: To the women of the world

The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) General Command released a statement marking March 8th, International Women’s Day. In the statement made in front of the YPJ General Command building in Serêkaniyê, dozens of YPJ fighters and commanders were present.

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Turkish police fired plastic bullets, baton-charged and detained several women protesting about the arrest of the HDP deputies, last week.

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After a detention order issued by Diyarbakır Public Prosecutor's Office, anti-terror units police detained Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Gültan Kışanak at Diyarbakır Airport and co-mayor Fırat Anlı in his house, on Tuesday 25 October.

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The Kobane Reconstruction Board- Europe has sent this report about the situation in Kobane, Rojava.

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We are following with concern the news coming from Turkey about the Istanbul Court order to close independent and historical Kurdish daily paper Özgür Gündem and the detention of at least 29 journalists and workers of the same newspaper.
We publish here an article written by the Kurdish News Agency Firat News.

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Today marks the 5th year that Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan has been denied meetings with his lawyers.

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Workers’ Day in Turkey will be celebrated once again amidst tension and war. War in Kurdistan, repression in the rest of Turkey but also war in the workplace.

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