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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Monday, 11 April 2016 15:40

Our footprint on human social reality

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Marches against peace can be integrated by people of strong economic position, but also by humble and dispossessed people who attend them for various reasons.

In essence, the army troops or police who beat demonstrators and fired furiously against them or the guerrillas come from the poorest strata.

The same happens with members of paramilitary groups who kill and dismember compatriots, without understanding they are working for the benefit of large landowners.

The same thing happens in business. Employers encourage unions committed to them, made up of workers that should be part of class organizations.

It's not the millions of votes of the wealthy people which bring to power the representatives of the privileged economic clans, but those of their despoiled labor.

The word "cipayo" (sepoy) served to denominate the natives of India who entered the armies of the colonial powers to suppress and persecute their own oppressed peoples.

Examples are numerous, present and past. Looking back we know that things have changed and ultimately subjected people managed to prevail with enormous sacrifices.

But in the everyday reality of today often we feel that we are crashing against the wall. Those for whom we fight are too often on the other side.

And not rarely they actually hate us. Alienation acquires astonishing dimensions with each new morning. The minds of those below seem to prefer agreeing with those above.

The work of the revolutionary appears as daunting. It is not only about defeating their class enemies, but above all the proletarian armies fighting on the enemy's side.

A friend used to repeat with indignation that I should not point to a woman as the wife of this or that, because that made her an object of his property.

And as we said we reject discrimination and violence against women, we must first of all recognize its existence making it visible in language.
Her reasons were fair. But I pointed out to her that the first to largely oppose it were indeed women themselves, even guerrilla women, who said there was no need to exaggerate.

Not to mention that almost instinctively they rejected any form of feminism, considering it a practice disturbing family and social tranquility.

Indeed they were the majority. The echo of gender discourse reached academic and political circles of thinking people, but out of them met with strong resistance.

My friend agreed. Thousands of years of patriarchal conceptions were not going to disappear in a few decades no matter how strong they try with all their will and work.

But something was gained. Despite the setbacks, her personal convictions pushed her to to change the world and make it no longer the same as when she was born some years back.

This was a valuable reason to live. Leave our own mark on human social reality, so that when we leave it would be better than when we entered it.

The most important thing was not necessarily to succeed, but to fight strenuously against any unfair form of domination. Others would take up the flag and go further.

After all, who could claim to have achieved at the end of his/her life everything he/she had dreamed when he/she became aware of the need to act?
We finish in each other's arms, yes. There were times when things were ripening for great leaps and happy are those who lived that. But it would not have been possible without those who were sown.

What truly made human the man and woman was always in the way, struggling, facing the monstrous power of domination and brutishness.
Someday women will get full equal rights to men, a flag all who oppose economic exploitation should wield.

This will be the most powerful force facing the capital and its obscurantist conceptions. Perhaps its confluence will have the power to provoke a simultaneous victory in both causes.

The same will happen with the many existing forms of exclusion. Maturation of fighting against each of those, will strengthen the onslaught against the source of them all, the capital.

Hitting, incessantly, like the drop of water on the rock, till it gains penetrating and making the most blinded minds to cross over to the side they belong to. That is the task.

Each day there will be less armed peasants who oppose the return of land seized from others. And scab workers. And unemployed who hate others.
And deceived people who vote for their executioners. And military who turn weapons against their people. And, of course, women who point out exaggerations of feminist discourse.

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