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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Friday, 28 April 2017 00:00

The new party of the FARC, without monsters

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By: Gabriel Angel, FARC-EP

Several media outlets exclusively disclosed the Theses of Discussion for the founding Congress of the party in which we, the FARC, will transform ourselves into in the month of August.

We’ll cease to be a clandestine force; we will not have secrets for anyone, so it doesn’t bother us if the country knows the subject of our internal debates. We actually like that.

Of course, we are not oblivious to that certain pejorative whiff in the news leaks, insofar as the journalistic notes only highlight some passages of the long text of the thesis, in which direct mention is made of socialism / communism as the final aspiration of the new political force in terms of its long-term strategic.

Words like Marxism Leninism or Leninist principles of organization were emphasized again and again, with the undisclosed purpose of frightening away, from the beginning, the people of Colombia that have not only been ideologically indoctrinated within the framework of the most outspoken anti-communism, but also intimidated every day by the ultra-right through its mantra of “castro-chavismo”.

We will have to wait for the final result, which will be the conclusions of our constitutive Congress [for the new political force that the FARC-EP will transform into] that will be the ones that can define ideological and political positions after the intense democratic debate that has just begun. External opinions are not unwelcome. But this is not to say that those who from the outset pretend to highlight the supposed archaism of our political purposes should be blindly followed.

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It is not a secret for anyone that the dream of humanity, since the very dawn of civilization, has been the construction of an ideal society, in which inequalities and injustices disappear, in which there is no oppression of one to another, in which all human beings feel brothers to each other, and in which love does not give rise to the hatreds and wars of today.

Plato tried to represent that in his “Republic”, like Aristotle tried to discover it in his “Politics”. Thomas More pursued the same dream in his “Utopia” and Campanella in his “City of God”, in which he promised to those who followed him “a communist republic founded on concord and love". The dream of happiness of the entirety of humanity, in a world without selfishness, has been an ancestral issue.

History, that is to say, the practice of different societies over time, is the best of teachers. Marx and Engels, and then Lenin, also conceived their communist utopia founded on the human experience of the class struggle, evidence of this are the military, social and political confrontations that have taken place in our planet after the emergence of private property.

It is true that the conscious attempt to build such utopia produced the greatest global upheavals since the beginning of time. And the end result is known by all. That does not affect the dream of a society without classes, without wars, without exploitation. It indicates instead that the road is much longer and more difficult, that it is impossible to create it in one go.

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This will only be achieved by the peoples through the determined effort of many generations, which doesn’t mean that we should give up the utopia of a happy world. That’s what we think. For the time being, for the present day, we try to make the majority of the Colombian people adopt a mass and decisive role to put a stop to many leeches that suck their life force.

These scourges have their roots not only in the national reality but in the world order. Neoliberal globalization unleashed voracious and predatory capitalism that threatens the existence of humanity itself in three ways: with the provocation of a nuclear war, with the depredation of the environment by its greed for resources, and with the invasion and destruction of nations for its exclusive interest.

In contrast with those who believe that the solution is to kneel before the powerful and let them come and destroy their political adversaries, we believe in the integration of the peoples of our continent to alter the balance. We don’t mock but rather support nations, movements and governments that struggle to build more just and humane societies.

Initially we aspire to build a concrete and real democracy in Colombia; for violence and dispossession to cease to be a constant feature in national politics and economy; to preclude any future war engaged by the State against its own citizens. In this way, they will have effective guarantees to demand and obtain deep and true policies and reforms for their better living.

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And they could legitimately and democratically aspire to lead the country in complete peace through sovereign paths and with social justice. In reality the antediluvian monster with which they try to terrify the Colombian population does not exist. The entirety of our ideas and proposals prove it. Any citizen of good will can check them and join in if they want.

The only fear should be that of continuing to being deceived, as it has been until now.

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