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Gabriel Ángel is writer and guerrilla fighter of the FARC-EP
Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

FARC’s optimism in current times

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On the FARC website, I recently published a chronicle about our trip back to Colombia. I intended to publish in this space a reduced version of it, according to the maximum 800 words that can be used. At the end I gave up in exchange for the invitation to those interested in reading the full text in the referenced website.

I think that besides the return of Timoleón Jiménez to Colombia and his temporary settlement in the El Negro Eliécer Transtional Zone, in the Caño Indio village of Tibú, in the north of Santander, other important events have taken place this week, such as meetings with the government culminating in the CSIVI's [Follow-up, monitoring and verification comission] final communiqué to the public.

As is only logical, the unfortunate ruling of the Constitutional Court on the fast-track produced a perplexing reaction on the part of Colombian men and women who, with the best good faith, have encouraged and supported the peace talks and reached agreements. The sentence not only violated the Agreements, but opened the door to its unilateral modification by the State, shattering the confidence and security in its fulfilment.

Constitutional experts have explained that the thesis of substitution of the Constitution used by the Court is a total exaggeration. In other matters such as the Development Plan or the Budget Law, limitations exist regarding the introduction of reforms by the Congress, if they don't have the approval of the President. The fundamental right to peace of a people, enshrined in the Colombian Constitution, is something even more meritorious.

In addition, the character of Special Agreement conferred on it by the parties under the Geneva Protocols, for which it was taken to Berne, Switzerland, confers to the text of the Final Agreement an exceptional legal status, which even limits the powers of the Constitutional Court. Only hidden political inclinations of some magistrates explain the ruling. International courts could possibly require the country to fully comply with what was signed.

The FARC is fully committed to compliance with the agreements as they were signed. No other thing brought the immediate return to Colombia of their maximum Commander, who settled in one of the Temporary Zones under construction, just at the moment in which what follows for us is nothing less than the definitive ley down of weapons. 

In the same way, the CSIVI has published its communiqué delivering a set of the deadlines and agreed procedures for the decommissioning, slightly adjusted to realities derived from the delays of the government in the implementation process. The communiqué perfectly confirms the FARC's willingness to adhere to its word, while at the same time imposing on the government the commitment to catch up and to faithfully fulfil its own word.

There are things at the national scene that analysts and fatalistic chroniclers fail to notice at the time of their reflections. A year before the presidential elections of 2018, everything for them seems to be circumscribed to the political past of the country. As if the political presence of the FARC on the national scene and the implementation of agreements on political participation would not have the ability to shake the political universe in Colombia.

In the FARC, however, without arrogance, we look to the future with optimism. It is probable that, as the polls say, the popularity of President Santos and his government is very low, which does not necesarily imply that the Havana Agreements and the peace building process have the same low rates in the polls. If something the Government coalition will have to show towards the future is precisely the Agreement to End the armed conflict with the FARC.

The Havana Agreements will not remain in orphanhood within the Establishment. And most important, they will not be without adopters on the side of nonconformity with the current state of affairs. A growing number of everyday Colombians increasingly understand the benefits that the agreements entail for the positive transformation of their situation and perspectives.

We count, as natural, with detractors in the extreme right, that like a Hydra sinks its multiple heads in all the public powers. We know of their manipulative media power and the alienation they practice using the weapon of religious faith. We know of their links with the worst expressions of corruption and violence.

We are sure we’ll corner them and overcome them with our ethical superiority, with the force of the truth contained in the Agreements, with the support of millions of Colombians who see in the agreements an opportunity to finally leave the vicious cycle of impoverishment.

Those who think we are alone and can do whatever they want with us are completely wrong. They will see that we are not.

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