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Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:00

We keep struggling as we have always done

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The signing of the Havana Agreements was a milestone in national history, but the deepest footprint in the life of the country should be its complete implementation. The peace talks process that led to the peace agreement teaches us the kind of country that we can build; but it is through full compliance of the agreed that we will reach its effective achievement.

Colombians have gone through more than fifty years of continuous war which will definitively end if the Agreements are put into practice as they were agreed. Only a fanatical and minority sector of the country is opposed to the disappearance of from the political arena for good. That is why peace has become a political banner.

The FARC is convinced that peace is an invaluable achievement for the people of Colombia. The Agreements must become a powerful instrument to make it this achievement a reality. The point is that the class struggle, the struggle of interests between sectors related to capital and those who seek a better way of life under different conditions did not end at the Colón Theater on November 24, where the Final Agreement was signed.

It is a constant struggle, taking one shape or another depending on the circumstances. The inveterate custom of the Colombian Establishment of appealing to the use of the arms to crush the demands of common people seems to come to an end after the invincible resistance waged by common people for over half a century. The end of the conflict represents a definitive moment.

The Agreements were signed and the FARC are giving unequivocal demonstrations of their willingness to fulfill them. This is witnessed by the country and the international community. It's as if our struggle will now express itself through the most rigorous respect of all the acquired obligations in the agreement; hence, the authority to invoke an equivalent behaviour from the State.

The State on the other hand is pachydermic, in an attitude that can be explained either by the refusal to honor its word, or by the legal, judicial and contractual requirements that shape its actions. While the Colombian people demand to stop being assassinated or to be released from prison, the State pleads bureaucratic reasons to justify its non compliance.

That is why we must understand that the struggle remains alive and is expressed precisely in that contradiction. The State apparatus is not designed to meet the demands of the Final Agreement simply because it is not designed to serve popular interests. Even when it pledges its word, it has enormous difficulties in honoring its commitments.

That is why the road opened by the FARC must necessarily take the form of frontal struggle in order to obtain the respect of the guarantees offered by the State. It will no longer be through weapons, this is true, because in compliance with our word we have laid them down last June 27. It is about appealing to all forms of mobilization and protest, including judicial ones.

A fight in which we are sure we will not be alone. The percentage of Colombians who accompanied us is high, and they are also self organized under the banner of the political solution to the armed conflict. They applaud the Agreements and wish to see them become a reality. They are also the direct beneficiaries of the agreements.

The peasants, the black and indigenous communities, and the women who will obtain -if they fight for the enforcement of the agreed- the benefits of the Comprehensive Rural Reform; the victims of long years of official violence who finally hope to obtain justice and reparation; families engaged in the cultivation of illicit crops; those persecuted for thinking differently than those in power.

There is a huge number of Colombians who have been deprived of the right to enjoy political representation, which have also been humiliated through violence, corruption and clutches of every type, and who also long for change, a new political environment, an opportunity to express themselves and organize. They will get all of this if the Agreements become a material reality. All of them -if we explain things correctly- will join the fight for the fulfillment of the agreements with immense passion. That is the form of doing politics that we must pursue, they should understand that the agreements are not an issue of the FARC and the government, but that they involve issues of national importance that interest the whole of the people. Mobilizing will be the best guarantee of success.

We have enormous respectability in the international field. The prestige of the FARC grows beyond borders and continually gains support for its just cause for State compliance with what has been agreed upon. We must make the most of it. Unite all possible forces to make the State keep its word.

Pessimism and skepticism will not help us at all. The struggle continues and we will engage in it with the same spirit that we have always had. We will win.

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