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Lucas Carvajal is a guerrilla combatant from the Block Alfonso Cano and currently member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP 

Following its recent three-day visiting mission to Colombia, the Security Council adopted a presidential statement paying tribute to that country’s people for embarking on the path to peace after more than 50 years of conflict.

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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:00

Tax reform and manipulators

As if it was an April fools´ joke, the National Government sanctioned a new tax reform last December 28, after an intense controversy, leaving in the air the feeling that none, not even the Ministry of Finance that had presented it, was fully satisfied with it. The criticisms sprang from all sectors, although in the end the majority seemed to conclude that it was a necessary evil, to which we must be resigned to in any chase. Another toad that the country will have to swallow[1].

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In the middle of the celebrations for the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Juan Manuel Santos, the invisibility in his speech of the victims of crimes of State has caused controversy.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 17:07

Peace requires truth and reliable sources

An interesting debate sparked recently about ethics in journalism and politics. The scenario is, again, Colombia, its conflict and peace talks.

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?FARC calls upon president Santos not to be afraid of the truth?

The Secretariat of the FARC-EP, its highest leadership, published an open letter to president Juan Manuel Santos on www.pazfarc-ep.org.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:00

Let's keep our heads cool: FARC-EP

The Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP published a communique about the military operations in Cauca; this is the complete communique:

Havana, Cuba, site of the peace talks, April 15, 2015

The FARC-EP deeply deplores the consequences of the ongoing offensive by government troops against our units in unilateral truce.

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March 18, 2015: Report from Havana

?Advisory commission reflects exclusion in Colombia? - FARC-EP

Havana, Cuba - At the beginning of round 34 of the peace talks, the FARC-EP criticized the recently formed Peace Advisory Commission, appointed unilaterally by the government of Juan Manuel Santos. The insurgency pointed out that the commission is elitist and exclusionary and does not take into account all sectors of the existing political, social and economic life in the country.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015 00:00

A questionable generosity

Since Monday night March 9, less than 24 hours before the speech of President Santos about the cessation of bombings against camps of our organization, there was this news about the death of Gilberto Becerro, Comandante of the 57th Front and outstanding member of the High Command of the Block Ivan R?os, FARC-EP.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015 00:00

We are ready for a bilateral ceasefire

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Havana, Cuba, site of the peace talks, January 14, 2015

We welcome the statement of President Santos on sending his plenipotentiaries to Havana in order to immediately discuss the bilateral ceasefire and agree with the FARC on activating the technical sub-commission, which will discuss essential aspects of point 3: END OF CONFLICT.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

The peace process should continue

Havana, Cuba, site of the peace talks, November 18, 2014

The Peace Delegation FARC-EP expresses its surprise at President Santos? announcement to suspend the peace talks in Havana.

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