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Lucas Carvajal is a guerrilla combatant from the Block Alfonso Cano and currently member of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP 

In this TV report published by Al Jazeera, the role of the Colombian media in war and in peace is being analized. Three Colombian reporters express their viewpoints on the way media operate in Colombia. Two guerrilla fighters from the FARC-EP Peace Delegation in Havana, Yadira Suárez and Boris Guevara, explain why they felt the need to become reporters themselves and tell their side of the story.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 17:07

Peace requires truth and reliable sources

An interesting debate sparked recently about ethics in journalism and politics. The scenario is, again, Colombia, its conflict and peace talks.

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The Netflix show distorts history and misrepresents the conflict

By Steven Cohen, taken from: www.newrepublic.com

Steve Murphy wants you to know he's not the bad guy in this story. He tells you so in the first episode of Narcos. Sure, he's had to do some bad things, but you wouldn't be so quick to judge him if you knew what it was like in Colombia, where everyone is either corrupt or incompetent, and ?nothing goes down the way you think it will.

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Recently, a delegation of women from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, People?s Army (among whom the author of this article), met a delegation of the Alliance for Global Justice, comprising the National Lawyers Guild, the International Action Center and the Task Force on the Americas.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015 00:00

Media's version vs. FARC's version

Media Version:

On March 19, 2015, a press release by the national army denounced that indigenous people in Corinto, Cauca, didn?t allow them to capture a chief of finances and drug-trafficking of the sixth front of the FARC-EP.

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Monday, 22 September 2014 00:00

All the power against the FARC-EP

 Definitely, with their attachment to hatred and lies, the signing of a final peace agreement at the Conversation Table in Havana will be a daunting task

Written by: Timoshenko

The High Command of the Block Iv?n R?os, which operates in the northwest of the country, has already revealed what truly happened on September 16 on the road between Puerto Libertador and Tierradentro. Our comrades adequately explain the facts and also released the military report of the ambush against a unit of the National Police.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 00:00

Let's break the media siege

Our commander-in-chief, Timole?n Jim?nez, published an article entitled: ?To win this war, we should make peace?. In the last two paragraphs, he refers to an issue that has received a lot of attention at a national, but also at an international level: the unfortunate death of a two-year-old child in Miranda, Cauca. We reproduce these paragraphs, because we think it is important for people to get aware of the real dimension of the media war that is waged against us.

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Wednesday, 06 August 2014 00:00

Deaf, blind and mute


In February 2012, in a guerrilla camp in the South of Colombia, we heard on the news that the FARC terrorists had sewed the mouth of a poor farmer with wire, in the South-West, just because he didn't want to take a "burro bomba", a donkey with explosives on his back, to the nearest army outpost (1).

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Taken from: "No fueron ni?os-bomba", www.confidencialcolombia.com

On Thursday, May 15, the news of the death of two children by the explosion of a device one day earlier, which injured members of the national police, caused a stir because the official version states that the two children were the ones who launched the hand grenade to the police. It also says that both children had been used by the FARC to commit the action.

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Revolutionary Venezuela and the mainstream press

?You'd think that over there, the country is about to collapse on account of the crisis?

By Gabriel ?ngel

You have to be overly naive to believe that private news channels, intertwined world-wide, aim to disseminate their information in an objective and unbiased manner. They are stock companies, managed by large economic groups, who are doing business, twenty-four hours a day, to make huge profits. Any news that comes from them, first goes through a rigorous filter called 'profits'.

For them, the world must be as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, WTO and other international powers want it to be. These bodies relentlessly increase the profits of omnipotent transnational corporations. While this happens without any alterations, the information can be anecdotal and playful. Governments, in particular, will be benevolently treated by it, no matter what they do.

No crime is more repugnant to the dominant economic groups at national, continental and global levels, than to snatch a prey away from them -even if it's just one- of which they could have derived profits to increase their wealth. That is why Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution under no circumstance can be admitted. In that country, people dared to recover their petroleum and the income derived from it, to be allocated to the welfare of the whole population.

Oil, whose shortage is of concern, the source of the wasteful way of life of the great world cities, the black gold because of which coups occur, countries are invaded and people are bombarded without mercy, the super fabulous business of the 19th and 20th centuries, which initiated the industrial and technological development of the great powers, their biggest world reserves, doesn't belong to them anymore, but to a people.

That defines the treatment to receive, without any doubt. And it explains everything that was said and written about President Ch?vez. Something very similar to what the Spanish Crown did against Liberator Sim?n Bol?var, in those times. Of course, both of them, because of their virtues and genius, ended up situated high above their enemies. At this moment, imperial power is just fumbling how strong their heirs are.

And therefore, it begins to tighten the rope. It knows that the situation is not the same it was last century. Although it is not impossible for them to carry out a brutal coup, accompanied by an external invasion, as performed in Panama in December 1989, it is likely to be more inclined to other kinds of tricks. It has just observed what happened at the summit of CELAC, it knows UNASUR, it knows that the consequences, in case of committing some mistake, could be dire to their interests.

There are the recent models of the Arab world; the institutional coups in Honduras and Paraguay. You can create situations that are intolerable to the population, as in Nicaragua in the nineteen-eighties. A mix of all these things seems to be used, including the economic sabotage against the Chile of Salvador Allende. The important thing is to create the idea that there is a crisis in Venezuela, insurmountable by legal means. And that's what they are doing.

The role played by large private media in Latin America is then understood in its full dimension. In the first place the Venezuelan media, a grossly sensationalist press of poor quality, like its Colombian counterpart, determined to spread ever more fanciful stories about what happens in the country. One would think, if you follow their news, that Venezuela is about to collapse on account of the political and social crisis.

A panorama which is immediately magnified by their colleagues in Colombia and the rest of the continent, irrefutable evidence of the fact that they follow a plan previously calculated by the powers, interested in a return to a lost past. Public media in Venezuela - and fortunately there are quite a lot, although not even half of the number of private ones - provide insight into a completely different reality.

It's obvious that the private media network tries to create a fictitious situation. It enlarges the protest marches of the opposition and it multiplies them across the country, while it ignores and silences the real situation of peace and tranquility that reigns in Venezuela, disturbed by one or another violent episode, promoted by extremists. In addition, it hides the daily plebiscite of mass mobilization in support of the government.

The purpose is clear: generate an environment conducive to an external and violent solution and take down the revolutionary process. Perhaps in no country in Latin America or the world exists a climate of tolerance and respect for other people's ideas as in Venezuela, where the private media launch the most vulgar slanders against the government, who doesn't prohibit or censure them. This doesn't prevent them from calling the government a tyrannical persecutor.

But nothing produces more hilarity than the overall balance in favor of Colombian democracy, made by the mainstream media when they compare it with Venezuela. As if in Venezuela there were guerrilla movements that have been demanding peace and democracy for half a century, or as if there existed paramilitary groups, hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of displaced people as in Colombia. As if in Venezuela the interceptions and monitoring were lawful.

As if in Venezuela, riot police and troops show up firing their guns and beating the people who demand attention from the government for their wretched fate. As if there were ten thousand political prisoners in Venezuela. As if in Venezuela, political organizations of the opposition are exterminated using bullets. As if there existed an occupying army of half a million men, repressing the population. As if in Venezuela the president was called Santos and not Nicol?s Maduro Moros.

The detestable and despicable Dar?o Arismendi, in his morning radio program, said that hopefully in Colombia there would never be a democracy like the ones in Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador or Bolivia. And he finished his speech talking about Mr. Petro, generously comparing him with the leaders of those countries. You can clearly observe the mainstream press' hatred towards the awakening of the people, their dignified presence, their sovereignty and freedom. How despicable they are!

Colombian jungle, February 14, 2014.

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