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Timoleón Jiménez is the head of the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP and its Central High Command 

The democratic and progressive aspirations of the peoples of Our America have just suffered a frontal blow in the Federative Republic of Brazil. In a first instance court decision, former president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, who was foisted with corruption and money laundering, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

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Several media outlets in Brazil and international news agencies have been profusely disseminating an alleged report that appeared in 2014 by the Prosecutor's Office of Manaus -capital of the Amazonas State- that tries to link the FARC-EP with mafia-related organizations linked to drug trafficking.

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In 2015, the Ghost Brigade (Prizrak) of Novorossiya created an internationalist anti-fascist military unit called InterUnit, which operates in the territories of the Lugansk People's Republic. InterUnit is a military-political group that carries on the heritage of the Resistance against Nazism and other liberation struggles of the last century, and takes its motto from the Spanish Civil War: “No Pasarán!”

InterUnit Statement No. 5: The soft putsch in Brazil

There are several ways in which the imperialist forces make a putsch. The classic one is a violent seizure of power driven by military forces. The soft version is to seize power through bureaucratic trickery, often supported by demonstrations. That is just what has happened in several countries, most recently Brazil. There, a democratically-elected government was removed by bureaucrats operating against the will of the people. They do this under the direction of the U.S., to protect the interest of the capitalists. 

We are not supporters of the Brazilian government, and we disapprove of many of its activities, but we are interested in respect of countries’ sovereignty and people's freedom. The Brazilian government was legitimated by the votes of 55 million people. Also, even if it was not the best political option for South America, it was an interesting experiment. Both in domestic and in foreign affairs, it tried to build something different from the slavery of capitalism.

Every time a government clashes with the interests of imperialism, it is attacked. We have seen it in Ukraine, and we gave a clear answer. We hope that in Brazil there is still the opportunity to restore the will of the people.

Now is the time to stop all international interference and aggression against countries that try to find a different path from the unipolar world planned by the U.S.

We side with all the people that resist.

Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) Northwest Front
June 3, 2016

Written and translated by InterUnit
Edited by Greg Butterfield
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The impeachment of the President of Brazil through a political move that shocked even the most profane in legal matters, constitutes a serious attack on democracy, while at the same time it’s an alarm signal for all Latin American and Caribbean peoples determined to find alternatives to avaricious neoliberal capitalism.

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Cabezote 2016 English

Havana, April 19, 2016

The approval by Brazil House of Representatives of the request for trial of President Dilma Rousseff, bursts as a dangerous threat to the political stability of the continent, within the antidemocratic wave in Our America.

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