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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Sunday, 28 August 2016 00:00

Bilateral and Final Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities

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On August 24, the heads of delegations of the national government and the FARC-EP signed in Havana, Cuba, the Final Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict and the Construction of a stable and lasting Peace.


The Agreement paved the way for the real possibility that henceforth, in Colombia, it will be the children who attend the funeral of their deceased parents who died a natural death. Never again, parents burying their sons and daughters, fallen in the war. Never again, parents spending the rest of their lives looking for their sons and daughters among thousands of missing.

The Colombian political regime has agreed with the FARC-EP the end of the war, and has committed, solemnly before the national and international community, to fully open the floodgates of democracy in the country and to print the stamp of justice on social relations.


Our commitments are: to end the long armed uprising; transform into a political movement in total legality; reincorporate into civilian life under the agreed conditions; and do everything in our power so that the victims of the painful conflict, which is coming to an end, will have justice and reparation. And we will meet those goals strictly.

For over thirty years, in the context of the Uribe Accords, we demanded to stop the use weapons by both sides. The goal was always to be able to sit down and talk about peace with social justice. Despite repeated negative responses, whenever it was necessary to promote the path of dialogue, we proceeded to declare a unilateral ceasefire.


We should not forget the vital importance of these gestures for this happy end of this Final Agreement.

The President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, in compliance with the signed in the General Agreement of 2012, has proceeded to order to the armed forces of Colombia the final ceasefire and cessation of hostilities against the FARC-EP, from 00:00 hours on August 29, 2016.

We never lost hope of reaching that fortunate day for our country and its people. From Marquetalia until today, we were always sure about it.

The FARC-EP, on ceasefire and cessation of hostilities for over a year ago, excitedly received the presidential order to his army. And accordingly, we proceed to give the corresponding order our troops.


In my capacity as Comandante of the Central High Command of the FARC-EP, I order all our comandantes, all of our units, each and every one of our fighters, to cease fire and hostilities in a definite way against the Colombian State, from 24:00 pm today.

To the soldiers, marines, pilots, air force, police and security and intelligence agencies of the state, we would like express our clear and definite vocation for reconciliation.

Rivalries and resentment should stay in the past. Today, more than ever, we regret so much death and pain caused by war. Today, more than ever, we want to embrace you as compatriots, and begin to work together for the new Colombia.

The war is over. Let’s live together as brothers and sisters.

Let the arms of the Republic never be aimed against the people of this country ever again, so that we won’t need an uprising ever again.

Long live social justice!

Long live Colombia!

Long live peace!

Timoleón Jiménez

Havana, August 28, 2016.