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Friday, 20 January 2017 00:00

Open Letter to Simon Trinidad

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Dear Simon:

Yesterday we heard the news that you had not been included in Barack Obama´s list of pardoned prisoners. We had the hope that at the last moment of his term, the United States President would show a gesture of kindness towards you and the FARC, which has shown so much evidence of its vocation for peace.

We want you to know that we are all disappointed, hurt and deeply outraged for the omission of your name by Obama. His gesture is loaded with meaning, as when a Roman emperor raised his hand in the circus with his thumb down. Your case, as an epitome of all injustices and vileness, did not move the reasoning or the feelings of the masters of capital in the world; they actually seem to lack of both.

We would do wrong if we were to qualify with displeasure the beneficiaries or the behaviors pardoned by the North American [ex] President. We confess that some, such as those of López Rivera and Manning, never seemed criminal to us, but rather persecutions born from the arrogance of power. We are happy for them, and for the same reason we feel your exclusion as a direct affront. You also deserved to be pardoned; its denial shows a special animosity.

You know that from the first meeting to approve the Havana Agenda, the leadership of the FARC-EP included your name in the list of plenipotentiary spokespersons at the Peace Talks. We thus began a struggle in parallel to the discussion of the agreed points, aimed at obtaining the recognition of your status as an unjustly extradited political persecution, and therefore your release as a member of a force in formal dialogues with the Colombian Government.

You know that the Government of the United States ended up arriving at the Peace Talks through the appointment of its special envoy, Bernie Aronson. And that the National Secretariat of the FARC met with Secretary of State John Kerry. They both expressed President Obama's strong support for the peace talks and the achievement of a final agreement. At every opportunity we exposed our open interest in your freedom.

We also knocked on all kinds of doors, starting with those of the Colombian Government. We never ceased to quarrel with the official delegates in this regard and several times we touched the matter with President Santos. Personalities from around the world, respectable organizations and entities and countless people with more or less influence and relations were moving at our request in pro for your more than deserved freedom. Apparently so much effort turned out to be useless.

The contradictory statements that were repeatedly given by spokespersons of the National Government and even President Santos about a possible liberation of yours were the ones that let us know that there was really little or no willingness from the executive power to carry out conducive actions for your freedom. We never found it strange; their attitude was the same at virtually all points of discussion. The signed [agreements] were a pure achievement of ours.

Things would have been very different if it would have been up to them. The peace agreement would have been something quite different if they had not found our dignity and the vast peace movement generated in the country; their pretension to impose Disarmament, Demobilization and Reincorporation in exchange for nothing. Things did not turn out how they wanted because the country is not the same as it was in 1964, much less as in the Uribe era. They instead charge against you for what they could not do to make us surrender.

Simon, you seem to be in the midst of the horrible nightmare of a power that is incapable of solving its internal contradictions. It is clear that you were the precise victim, the scapegoat of the unhealthy minds of George Bush and Alvaro Uribe, malicious inventors of charges against you and manipulators of justice to their best interest. But look how Obama and Santos, alleged opponents of Bush and Uribe, did not want or could not undo their dirty machinations.

In any case, there is a common thread between them, representatives of the world power of capital and of the dominant oligarchies within our countries, which ultimately does not make them as different as they want to appear. They coincide in the prevailing political lines, such as looting resources and work of the weakest peoples, while punishing in an exemplary manner the audacity of those who dare to rebel against it.

Your luck is not the product of the whim of a pusillanimous politician, but rather the result of a prevailing logic in the world that people like you, like us and many more everywhere strive to change in order to make it better. Our solidarity, our love and our admiration are with you. What those that are on top have to say now does not matter, if humanity inevitably marches towards their overthrow. They will fall, because men like you exist and fight.

Because we are humans who not only manage with life reasons, but also with feelings, dreams, passions and loves, we did not stop believing that our reunion could be imminent. It has not been so because the power does not know about declining on hatred, because it lives in the times of the vindictive God of the Old Testament, because it does not even know that there was a Christ that preached about pardon. We will continue fighting, for you and our people, forever.

Receive the embrace of your comrades from the FARC-EP, we love you very much, Simon Dignity. Whatever happens, we know that we are freer and more human than they are.

¡Hemos jurado vencer, y venceremos!