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Monday, 23 January 2017 00:00

Political Declaration of the Central High Command of the FARC-EP

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Political Declaration

The Plenum of the FARC's Central High Command, Heroes of Marquetalia, which deliberated in the Yarí Savannas, between the 18th and the 21st of January, reaffirms its determination on peace and calls on Colombians to defend the hope of reconciliation with all their forces.

We declare that we have fulfilled the mandate of the X Conference to conform the Central High Command of the transition from a guerrilla structure to a legal political party. The leadership of the FARC has been increased from 32 to 61 members and its fundamental task is linked to the consolidation of the peace process.

We are working for the foundational Congress of the new party to take place by the end of May. Its political theses, program documents and statutes will be studied in Assemblies that will take place in the Transitional Local Zones and Points of Normalization and in all the places where during reserved partisan activity took place during the development of the confrontation. These assemblies will democratically assign the delegates to this Congress. It is pertinent for the country to know that the FARC, the militias, and all its political structures have begun to take steps towards legality.

We are grateful to the citizens in exercise that in free decision conformed the Political Group Voces de Paz (Voices of Peace), not only to defend the content of Peace Agreements that are being incorporated into the legal system by Congress, but at the same time the promotion of the transit of the FARC to a legal political party.

The Plenum engaged in the analysis of the political moment, the urgency of implementing the agreements and their normative development, the role of the Monitoring, Promotion, Verification and Implementation Commission (CSIVI), the meaning of Reincorporation, truth and justice, the protection and security of the guerrilla leadership and the great threat that the expansion of paramilitarism brings to peace in light of government indifference.

The Yarí Plenum meeting also addressed -as a special chapter of discussion- the general guidelines and basic contents of the Transitional Government proposal. The FARC considers that a government of this nature should advocate for the implementation of the Havana Agreements and guarantee truth and reparation for the victims; To promote policies oriented to the good living of the people, the expansion of democratic openness, directing public spending towards solving the most felt needs of ordinary people; A Transitional Government that intends to recover the productive capacity of the country, to convene a national agreement to ensure a healthy environment for Colombia, to recover the decentralization and social construction of the territory, Colombia's sovereign insertion in the process of Regional integration, and the promotion of an open constituent process.

On these topics we promise to open the dialogue with all political forces of the country and democratic personalities in search of an understanding for a transitional government.

The new Political Party of the FARC will be an open, democratic and modern party with capacity for interpretation and representation of the collective interests of the nation and especially of the common people, the poor and the excluded. All those who want a positive change for Colombia with dignified life, democracy, without exclusions, without corruption and with sovereignty fit in this new political party.

Finally, we inform the country that the Heroes of Marquetalia Plenum selected the 60 guerrillas who will from now on make peace pedagogy throughout the national territory and the 10 that for each Transitional Local Zone and Point of Normalization will develop this work.

Plenum of the Central High Command of the FARC-EP

Yarí Savannas, January 21, 2017