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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:00

Attacks against peace continue

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In the Jaime Pardo Leal Transitional Zone, on May 31 at 00:36 hours, Marine Infantry units entered the Transitional Zone with the objective of capturing a guerrilla from the camp zone.

As a result of the above, security units acted, calling the militaries to stop after which they began to maneuver, some shots were fired into the air as they were carrying weapons. As a product of the complexity of the events, a captain was injured and a military was captured. The latter one was handed over to the Monitoring Mechanism [composed of United Nations, Government and FARC delegates] in perfect state of health at dawn.

The Marine Infantry performed this operation with the help of Rodrigo Guerrero, whose civilian name is John Faber Henao, who deserted from the Zone with the help of the mentioned force on May 3, 2017.

We denounce the constant violations by the Marine Infantry, who had already carried out this type of operations of extraction of guerrillas from the Zone. The evidence has been submitted to the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism.

It is also common for guerrillas –who have permission to visit their families due to a calamity- to be detained and invited to adhere to the demobilization plan* that still exists at this stage of the process against FARC units.

We also denounce drone overflights and provocations through shots in the air around the Transitional Zone.

It is not true -as it appears in the official communiqué of the Armed Forces- that the militaries entered into the Zone by mistake. There is strong evidence that shows that they came with a clear mission.

We call on the facilitators, the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism as well as the people in general to surround the process and prevent this kind of events from continuing.

We regret what has happened and are committed to the goal of achieving a stable and lasting peace.

Directive Command of the Jaime Pardo Leal Transitional Zone


*The referred demobilization plan is a program that was established when the FARC and State were still both at war in which there are incentives to guerrillas to leave the FARC. Currently, this program is still being enforced despite the Peace Agreement and the reincorporation process of all FARC combatants.