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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Friday, 22 September 2017 15:35

No to any attempt to change the Final Agreement

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Considering the concerning news arising from the views of some of the rapporteurs and sections of the establishment's party benches in the House of Representatives aimed at seeking to substantially modify the spirit and letter of the draft legislative act by which sixteen (16) Special Territorial Circumscriptions are created in the House of Representatives, we declare that:

• The elimination of voting at the head of the 170 municipalities that make up the districts, is a violation of the political right to choose the inhabitants of those municipalities;

• The elimination of the exceptional right to choose simultaneously, both for the special constituencies and for the ordinary district of the respective department, will affect reparation purposes in the face of historical exclusion and underrepresentation and the exercise of territorial justice vis-à-vis the victims of the conflict;

• Behind these announced claims of modification of the original reform project lie political objectives and petty electoral calculations, which seek without serious arguments to ignore one of the pillars of political democratization agreed in Havana;

• We are faced with a new attempt by some sectors of Congress to manifestly breach the agreements, expressing once more through their erroneous position their resistance to minimum reforms.

In consideration of the above, we urge:

• The leaderships of the political parties stating support for the peace process, to undertake a commitment to help bring the project forward;

• The House of Representatives to show its willingness to open the way to this important reform for the good of democracy and the population most affected by the conflict;

• The National Government to assert its word and responsibility;

• To the multiple organizational processes, the peasant, indigenous and Afro-descendant communities that inhabit the territories of the constituencies, as well as the citizens of the urban centers, to embrace and defend the reform in the terms in which it was agreed, even through mobilization.

We say NO to the claim of a new breach of the agreements!
Yes to maximum democracy and the presence of common people in Congress!

National Political Council
People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force - FARC