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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Monday, 06 November 2017 12:41

FARC reiterates its committment to Peace

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The 4th of this winter month reminds us of our Commander Alfonso Cano, sacrificed on a day like today six years ago.

At that time, efforts were progressing at an accelerated pace to enter into a formal peace dialogue with the national government, despite which -and as he himself announced several times- the adversary decided to throw his corpse on the table in an unnecessary gesture of arrogance.

Five years later, as proof of the absurdity of the order to take his life, the FARC signed the Final Peace Agreement at the Colón Theater, precisely with the same President Juan Manuel Santos, in a gesture that filled the country with hope. The applause of the international community was unanimous. Colombia became an example for the world. Fire and death had been replaced by civilized formulas of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Just a few days later, the Congress of the Republic, in a gesture that gave it honour, endorsed by an overwhelming majority what was agreed in accordance with the provisions of the previous ruling of the Constitutional Court. For the first time in the last sixty years, Colombians have felt a happy Christmas coming and a new year that promised prosperity for all.

Since then, almost a year has gone by in which the guerrilla put all its efforts to honour its word. Today we are a legal political party, which completely left weapons aside and is preparing for its first participation in electoral politics. Thirty of our former guerrillas have been killed by bullets, as have several of their relatives, in a wave of violence that is already accounting for more than 150 social leaders killed in the last two years.

Our willingness aims to full compliance with what has been signed: we are convinced that Colombia deserves this opportunity. We are aware of the difficulties of various nature that the national government is going through, which have complicated, more than worryingly, the implementation of important issues such as the special circumscriptions, our political participation and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, among many other issues.

Everyone is aware of the existence of economic and political sectors that are totally opposed to the effective achievement of peace in our country. History will finally put them in their place. But there is also another accumulation of forces that refuses to continue living in that old nation marked by hatred and fear. It is to this side of the nation that  we direct our call. A large part of this patriotic mission resides in the Congress of the Republic, in high government and in the Courts.

Strikes and peasant and indigenous mobilisations put forward the insistence of the forgotten country for the urgency of implementing the Havana Agreements, generating an environment of economic and social instability. The reincorporated guerrillas themselves are surrounded by material and legal insecurities that warn of future complications. Unaddressed social injustice overwhelms and moves to nonconformity and protest. Timely implementation would put an end to so much anguish.

Days and weeks of momentous decisions that can elevate Colombia to a higher level are coming, in which agreement and progress will replace uncertainty and frustration. We cannot remain impassive before such a perspective. Churches, trade unions, social and popular organisations, students, women's organisations, academics, youth, political parties that dream of a different country, common people, we all have to pronounce ourselves.

The only truly true formula that will open the door to a better future for all is the implementation of the Havana Agreements. It sets out on the road to the solution of grave social defects, initiates the democratisation of political life, guarantees justice to the victims, incorporates the historically excluded into national life, closes the doors to crime and opens the way to life and liberties. Colombia cannot afford silence.

The People’s Revolutionary Alternative Force, FARC, calls upon all living forces of the country to express peacefully but forcefully their will for peace.

Streets, squares, work and study centres, parks, temples, theaters, forums, every possible scenario must be used to save the homeland and future generations.

Let’s gather, march, raise our voices and encouragement to prevent the horror from overtaking Colombia again.

National Political Council
People’s Revolutionary Alternative Force