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Communiqués published by the Peace Delegation, the Central High Command and the National Secretariat of the FARC-EP
Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00

Greeting to the workers on their International Day

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The first of May, known as International Working Class Day or International Workers' Day was established to exalt the struggle of the world proletariat against capital. Its origin was linked to the strikes held by workers who were demanding their rights and to their violent repression by employers and governments.

The fact that it has been the Second International Workers Association which established this day, as a tribute to American workers arrested and executed after the protest of May 1, 1886 in Chicago, shows the revolutionary character of today's commemoration. Its aim was to encourage the organization and the struggle of the workers of all countries against capitalist exploitation and for socialism.

In current times, after several decades of neo-liberal policies implemented in most of the world, and after the huge ideological offensive unleashed after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist regimes in Eastern Europe, the working class is supporting a long employer's barrage, which has seized much of the gains obtained after more than a century of strikes. Its solid organization of the past has also been dismantled.

?That's why the dominant ideology despises the celebration of May Day?

Capital today sings hymns of victory worldwide. Consequent, class-struggle unionism has been reduced to marginal proportions, much of its leadership was violated or co-opted, the recruitment of workers is done through intermediaries, who relieve the employers of their labor obligations; the political parties of workers are at crisis. The exploitation of labor is carried out in a blatant way. The dominant ideology holds that there is no class struggle, it even denies the existence of classes as such; we were all reduced to consumers.

That's why it despises the celebration of May Day. Because it is a hymn to the struggle against ruthless exploitation, because of its socialist and revolutionary character, because it leads to the dignity and the organization of all workers to fight against capital. That's why today is referred to as the day or the 'party of work', and acts are being held that usually promote integration, reconciliation and mutual collaboration of workers and employers.

?We want to extend our fraternal greetings of solidarity to all Colombian workers on this May Day?

The FARC-EP strongly believes in the leading role the Colombian working class will play in the struggle for social justice, democracy and peace. We trust in its ability to overcome the ideological, political and labor offensive. We believe that its role in fighting inequality and exploitation remains strategic. We know that its participation keeps on being vital in opening the path to revolution and socialism.

Therefore, we want to extend our fraternal greetings of solidarity to all Colombian workers on this May Day, to shout enthusiastic "vivas" in chorus with them on this glorious commemoration, to encourage them to raise their class consciousness, to persevere in all organizational efforts possible to confront in all ways the onslaught of capital, to work for the construction of the socialist dream, in which all men and women will be brothers and sisters.


Colombian jungle, 1st of May 2014