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Friday, 16 September 2016 00:00

Joint Communiqué # 01 Meeting between National Government and FARC-EP in Yarí

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September 16, 2016

Today in the Llanos del Yari the High Commissioner for Peace, Sergio Jaramillo, the Commander of the Strategic Transition Command – COET (Spanish acronym), General Javier Florez, met with members of the Secretariat of the FARC-EP, accompanied by the head of the UN Mission Jean Arnault and his team; the following was agreed:

1. As a result of the reconnaissance visits, and in consideration of the need to facilitate logistics for the implementation of the Transitional Areas of Normalization, there will be 20 Transitional Areas of Normalization (ZVTN) and 7 Transitory Points for Normalization (PTN), located in the below specified rural settlements (veredas):


Department Municipality Rural Settlement (vereda)
Guajira Fonseca Pondores (PTN)
Cesar La Paz Los Encantos (ZVTN)
Norte de Santander Tibú Caño Indio (ZVTN)
Antioquia Remedios Carrizal (ZVTN)
Antioquia Ituango Santa Lucia (ZVTN)
Dabeiba Llano Grande (ZVTN)
Anori El Carmin (PTN)
Vigía del Fuerte Vidri (PTN)
Choco Ríosucio Brisas/La Florida (PTN)
Córdoba Tierra Alta Gallo (PTN)
Tolima Planadas El Jordan (ZVTN)
Cauca Buenos Aires El Ceral, Robles (ZVTN)
Caldono Los Monos (ZVTN)
Corinto Cominera (PTN)
Nariño Policarpa Betania/La Paloma (ZVTN)
Tumaco La Variante (ZVTN)
Putumayo Puerto Asís La Pradera (ZVTN)
Caquetá Cartagena del Chaira La Esperanza (ZVTN)
La Montañita El Carmen (ZVTN)
San Vicente Caguan Mira Valle (PTN)
Tolima Villarica Guanacas (ZVTN)
Arauca Arauquita Bocas del Ele (ZVTN)
Meta Mesetas La Guajira (ZVTN)
Vista Hermosa La Reforma (ZVTN)
La Macarena Yarí (ZVTN)
Guaviare San José del Guaviare Charras (ZVTN)
El Retorno La Colina (ZVTN)


2. Progress was made in defining the logistical elements needed to start the operation of the Transitional Areas of Normalization. A meeting will be held on September 25 in Cartagena to finalize the logistical preparation for the Transitional Areas of Normalization and  the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism.

3. As of September 27, United Nations will start the accompaniment and verification starting with the National and Regional levels.

4. Between October 6 and 10 the deployment of the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism will be conducted towards its local sites, without prejudice to the liaisons already achieved and which have been supported by the UN.

5. The necessary coordination was agreed for the Signature of the Final Agreement for the termination of the conflict and the construction of a stable and lasting peace, to take place on September 26 in Cartagena.

6. Protocols were agreed for the Tenth Conference of the FARC-EP in which delegates from the entire organization will meet to endorse the agreements and take the step that allows the transformation of the FARC-EP into a political movement within legality.

7. It was agreed that on September 27 an opening ceremony will be carried out for the Implementation, Monitoring and Verification Commission of the Final Peace Agreement and Dispute Resolution (CSVR).