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Friday, 07 October 2016 00:00

Joint Communique #2: Meeting of the delegations of the National Government and the FARC-EP

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Havana, Cuba, October 7, 2016

The delegations of the National Government and the FARC-EP, after meeting in Havana with the guarantor countries and the Head of the Special Mission of the United Nations in Colombia, Jean Arnault, want to inform the public opinion that:

1. After almost four years of intense talks, we concluded on the 24th of August the Final Agreement for the Termination of the Armed Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace, to which we are committed. We believe it contains the necessary reforms and measures to lay the foundations of peace and ensure the end of the armed conflict.

We recognize, however, that the majority of those who participated in the Plebiscite of October 2 voted against, albeit with a narrow margin. Within the framework of the presidential powers under the Constitution, it is appropriate that we continue listening, through a quick and efficient process, to different sectors of society, to understand their concerns and promptly define a solution according to the statement from the Constitutional Court C-379 2016. The proposals for adjustments and clarifications resulting from this process will be discussed between the National Government and the FARC-EP to assure guarantees for everybody.

2. We reiterate the commitment of the President of the Republic and the Comandante of the FARC-EP to keep the Final and Bilateral Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities decreed on 29 August, and the monitoring and verification by the tripartite mechanism; as well as the guarantees of security and protection for communities in their territories, as defined in the Protocol by the parties.

To strengthen this Ceasefire we have agreed a protocol aimed at preventing any incidents in areas of pre-grouping in the defined quadrants and ensure a climate of security and tranquility with the full implementation of all rules governing the Final and Bilateral Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities.

The Tripartite Monitoring and Verification Mechanism, with the participation of the Government and the FARC-EP and coordinated by the mission of the United Nations will be responsible for monitoring and verifying compliance with the protocol, in particular compliance with the rules governing the Ceasefire.

3. To that end, we request the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and through him, the Security Council, to authorize the Mission of the United Nations in Colombia to exercise the functions of monitoring, verification, resolution of conflicts, recommendations, reporting and coordination of the Verification and Monitoring Mechanism envisaged in Resolution 2261 (2016) referring to mentioned Protocol.

Also, we invite the countries that are contributing to the Mission with unarmed observers, to continue deploying its men and women, who will continue to have all the necessary safety guarantees.

4. In parallel, we will continue making progress in the implementation of confidence-building measures of a humanitarian nature, such as the search for missing persons, pilot plans for humanitarian demining, voluntary substitution of illicitly used crops, commitments regarding the departure of minors from the camps and regarding the situation of persons deprived of liberty.

5. The delegations thank the International Committee of the Red Cross for their continued support, Chile and Venezuela for their accompaniment and especially Cuba and Norway for their hard and dedicated work of support for the construction of peace agreements for Colombia, their constant contributions to the search for solutions in difficult times and their readiness to continue supporting the peace process.

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