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Saturday, 29 June 2013 00:00

What about the FARC?

Written by  Peace Delegation
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What is the FARC-EP?

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ? People?s Army is a political-military organization, Colombian insurgency, proudly subversives. We don?t have anything to do with delinquency or banditry.

We are Marxist-Leninist and Bolivarian, also communists, not ?pro-soviet? or ?pro-Castro?, although we do feel identified with the principles of both revolutions, in particular with the Cuban Revolution, which continues illuminating the world with proud and dignity. Moreover, these qualifications are being part of the Cold War terminology.

We use pseudonyms as our ?nom de guerre?, which is usually the name of an outstanding comrade or loved one. The term ?alias? used by the bourgeois press has negative connotations as it refers to bandits or delinquents, which we are not.

We have never kidnapped. When we arrested a person, generally because of his unwillingness to pay revolutionary taxes, we called that a ?financial detention?, not kidnapping. In February 2012, we took the sovereign decision to stop realizing financial detentions.

The detentions because of political reasons can?t be considered kidnapping either; they are forms of exercising popular justice, especially against corrupt politicians. It?s the implementation of our Law 003 against corruption.

Military and policemen captured in combat aren?t kidnapped either; they are called prisoners of war, according to international laws.

As People?s Army we undertake military actions against our class enemy and their repressive apparatus. Our actions never aim at doing any harm to the civil population. Generally, our actions are being presented as attacks against the population by the mass media, as part of their war of disinformation.

It is noteworthy that for the mass media there are two classes of fallen in combat: ours are casualties, dead in combat; theirs are assassinated or killed.

We have a legislature, subordination to the higher command and a solid chain of command, structure and all the qualities that legitimate us as a belligerent force, apart from the popular support we have. It?s absolutely false that we are isolated or that we have lost our political route.

Drug-trafficking is a lethal issue for popular interests, inherent to capitalism, where easy and quick money-making prevails. Our theory and our praxis show that we don?t have anything to do with it. From the Pentagon, the north-Americans trace policies for their local servants, to use drug-trafficking as an excuse for their re-colonization plans.

Another recurrent topic in the disinformation media is terrorism. There is no definition of it. The great Spanish playwright and writer Alfonso Sastre defines the situation very well when he says that the resistance of the weak is called terrorism, while the outrage of the powerful is called justice.

The guerrilla struggle is a legitimate way of conquering people's rights. In our case, the violent and repressive character of the government, obeying orders of the United States, didn?t leave any other option, and since the moment we started our struggle until now, the reasons of the confrontation not only haven?t been resolved; they have increased.

For us, the war isn?t our goal. That?s why we have always held high our banners and our proposals for peace. The State, the dominant class, the White House and the different governments have repeatedly interrupted the attempts to find peace through dialogues, when they become aware that the guerrilla?s unconditional capitulation, as they pretend, is not possible.

This is a new attempt. We approach it with certainty and faith. It?s possible to find a solution, as the causes of the war are being resolved.

Peace Delegation Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People?s Army


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