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National Program for the substitution of the illicit use of coca, poppy or marijuana crops (Summary)

National Program for the substitution of the illicit use of coca, poppy or marijuana crops (Summary)

Havana, Cuba, January 14, 2014

The Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP, on Tuesday January 14, made ​​the proposal for a "National Program for the Substitution of the Illicit use of coca, poppy or marijuana crops". This program, in its spirit and content is based on the proposed pilot project for Cartagena del Chairá, presented by Comandante Manuel Marulanda Vélez in San Vicente, on June 16, 2000.

The outlines of the program are:

Structural transformations of rural society, which are characteristic of the socio-environmental, democratic and participatory agrarian and rural reform, demanded by the country and the dispossessed in the countryside. These transformations have been summarized in the 100 proposals presented by the FARC-EP at the dialogues.

Benefit all workers linked to the production process; strengthen peasant communities and their autonomous management of the territory; promote voluntary substitution of the illicit uses of crops, by promoting alternative development plans. The nutritional, medicinal, therapeutic and cultural qualities of these crops will be recognized.

The program should respect the right to land and territory and the importance of the Peasant Reserve Zones.

The suspension of mining or hydrocarbon exploitation that affect the territories in which they are carried out.

The creation of Local, Territorial and National Councils to diagnose, develop and implement the program.

Demilitarization of the territories and areas covered by the program. It is necessary to provide guarantees and security conditions for the peasant population and suspend aerial spraying and forced crop eradication.

The immediate revision of the current criminal policies of the state, focused on persecution, stigmatization and criminalization of peasant producers.

Alternative development plans designed by the communities, based on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

A budget with reduced spending on security and defense, on programs of aerial spraying and forced eradication. The budget should be based on contributions from the international community, on properties and money seized from drug traffickers in Colombia and other countries and, among others, on the property held by the National anti-Narcotics Department.

The program proposes an "International oversight of monitoring and control of the program" at all levels.The oversight will consist of representatives of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), UNASUR, and the academic community.

Read the complete version of the Program proposed by the FARC-EP: National Program for the substitution of the illicit use of coca, poppy or marijuana crops (complete version)

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