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About Glyphosate: powerful chemical weapon of transnational power

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"Glyphosate: powerful chemical weapon of transnational power"

"A crime against humanity"

It's no casualty that Agent Orange and Glyphosate have been used in two wars led by the United States, and both are produced by the multinational Monsanto. Agent Orange was used during the Vietnam War as a weapon of war and glyphosate is used in Colombia for the same purpose.

The inhumanity of the Vietnam War sparked global outrage and a great solidarity movement was established which demanded an end to the U.S. occupation. Now it seems as if the time of social movements against the war have suddenly stopped, because similar gestures of solidarity are not seen in the case of Colombia.

Silvia Parra wrote in the magazine Semana a column titled "Children of Agent Orange". Her memories go back to the Vietnam War and meet the Vietnamese who loudly demand justice to the inhumane acts of the Americans. And she wonders: Is the Vietnam War over? And she adds: "for the thousands of children that even today, after 40 years, are still carrying the cross of a war that, like all wars, only brought misery and desolation".

The writer rightly points out: "This poison is the evil son from the union between the Department of Defense in the U.S. and Monsanto and Dow Chemical, two U.S. chemical companies that have benefited from the suffering of millions of people and have been harmful to nature, farmers and consumers". I would add that these are the same ones that benefit from glyphosate spraying in Colombia. Moreover, they build a financial empire for drug-money laundering.

Here we arrive to the sad drama of Vietnam, where an average of 80 million liters of Agent Orange has been sprayed and in 10 years they have poisoned three million hectares, 30 thousand villages and victimized two million people. It is said that many died in Vietnam a few years after birth, affected by leukemia or other cancers [1]. According to the Vietnamese Red Cross, in Vietnam at least 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange [2].

In Colombia, 1,5 million hectares have been sprayed with glyphosate at high concentrations. "Formulated glyphosate is causing the early stages of cancerization," told Robert Bellé, French scientist who led an investigation about Roundup to The Universe, and he stated that the aerial spraying of this chemical is "a crazy thing to do" [3].

Many studies have shown that one of the effects of glyphosate on human beings, is that 5% will have cancer problems, 3% will beget children with malformations, and 2% will have fertility problems [4]. For this reason, those who pronounce themselves against this crime do so, using scientific arguments.

Now that they are going to resume aerial spraying, on 15 February, we hear voices of intellectuals and academics, very few in our opinion, in solidarity with the victims of chemical discharges, who also destroy crops, food, animals and territories.Indeed, one of the cases that will be have to investigated by the Commission of Clarification of the historical Truth of the Conflict -if the government were to accept the proposal made ??by the FARC-EP- will be the victims of glyphosate.

Alfredo Molano Bravo says: "The aircraft with its wings full of Roundup - herbicide produced by criminal Monsanto- and with armored bellies to avoid the gringo pilots gutted to the ground with their airplanes, will take off again in Cauca, Putumayo, North Santander, Antioquia, Chocó, Caquetá, Meta, Guaviare and Nariño".

They suspended the spraying while they armored the aircrafts against guerrilla fire. They do care for protecting the airplanes; however, they don't care if the population gets cancer, if congenital malformations occur in the babies of peasants and indigenous women and if children will continue to be born with genetic deformities, as has been happening.The only hope for those affected would be a powerful national and international mobilization. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness of the seriousness of this chemical warfare.

And of course it is crazy, as the French scientist Robert Bell? stated. A crime against humanity, on account of monumental gains of multinationals like Monsanto, transnational corporations and US interests.

Faced with this threat, it is urgent to promote a national and international campaign in solidarity with the victims of Glyphosate. And, of course, at least an ethical and political trial to the government of Colombia, Monsanto and the US government.

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