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The sub-commission on paramilitarism and security was created by the agreement “Expedite in Havana
and de-escalate in Colombia” on the 12 July of 2015, with the main purpose of building consensus
on specific items of the point of the Agenda “End of conflict”, particularly item 3.4., (combat against
criminal organizations) and 3.6. (security conditions). The sub-commission is headed by comandante
Pablo Catatumbo (FARC-EP) and Oscar Naranjo (retired general of the National Police)
for the Colombian government.


The FARC-EP delegation is composed by
comandantes Pablo Catatumbo
(member of the National Secretariat),
Edilson Romaña and Benkos Biohó.
The Government delegation is composed by
general Oscar Naranjo and
two colonels of the National Army
and the National Police.


The objective of the subcommission is to build
agreements on the following items:

• Strengthening of the security conditions
in the territories.
• System and mechanisms of security.
• Intensification of the struggle against the
criminal organizations and its networks,
particularly against any organization responsible
of homicides, massacres or attacks against
human rights defenders, social movements
or political movements.


The objective of the subcommission is to build
agreements on the following items:

• Dismantling of paramilitarism.
• Security guarantees for political participation.
• Model of territorial co-existence.
• Systems of control and transparency.


Today the sub-commission is still discussing and interchanging visions of both parties,
trying to build the foundations for an agreement.