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This subcommission is officially called: "Subcommission on Human Rights". It is a space for expressing
complaints about the problems in Colombian prisons. It promotes the activities of the National Prison
Movement in its struggle for the validity of political offences in Colombia and it develops the tasks of the
national head of the FARC-EP political prisoners.


Ricardo Téllez
Fidel Rondón
Jairo Mechas


- Develop subpoint 3 of the item "End of Conflict", according to which the parts should coordinate the revision
of the situation of individuals, charged or convicted, for belonging to or collaborating with the FARC-EP.

- Channel the activities of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP with the Office of the High Commissioner
for Peace regarding the legal situation of the FARC-EP prisoners and the prison population accused of
collaborating with the FARC.

- Promote, among the prisoners, the partial agreements, the norms on amnesty and pardon.

- Monitor the compliance of the health programs for the FARC-EP prisoners and their conditions in general.


Promote the liberation of all political prisoners of the FARC-EP and civilians accused of
collaborating, within the framework of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace and the construction
of norms for amnesty. Develop a broad campaign to teach the prisoners about the peace process
and the partial agreements.


- Liberation of 30 guerrilla combatants who were pardoned.
- The FARC-EP has presented a list of 942 prisoners who will re-located in order to
better their precarious living conditions
- Update of the national census of FARC-EP political prisoners.
- Course in prisons - taught by a group of liberated combatants - about the
partial agreements.
- Pacific protests of the prisoners to better their living conditions