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Tuesday, 07 February 2017 00:00

World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates calls to support Colombian Peace Agreement

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Source: El Espectador

The Nobel Peace Laureates gathered at the 16th World Summit held in Bogota, Colombia, stressed on their concern regarding the emergence of new populisms and exclusionary nationalisms, for which they called for international cooperation to address these "threats".

"We are deeply concerned about the new wave of populism, exclusionary nationalism and protectionism that poses as a threat to global cooperation" said Jody Williams [the 1997 Peace Nobel for her work against anti-personnel mines] during the closing Declaration of the XVI World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates titled "Building Paths to Peace" which took place last week.

The nearly 30 laureates among distinguished personalities and organizations, considered climate change, environmental degradation and the proliferation of nuclear weapons as "the current greatest existential threats to humanity".

For this reason, they called on governments, civil society, youth and the private sector to take action and address these "threats and challenges".

They called for the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, to give priority to the United Nations 2030 agenda and support "the urgent negotiation" of a treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

"The threats that humanity is facing can only be addressed if we continue to cooperate globally" said the laureates through the event´s closing declaration.

They also raised concern on the "continuous wars, dictatorships, terrorism, including State terrorism", endemic poverty, social injustice, child labor, sexual and urban violence, human trafficking, drug trafficking and the "devastating effects of the war on drugs" among others.

These events "continue to claim victims in various regions of the world, and impede sustainable development" they added.

The Nobel Peace Laureates also called for the international community to support Colombians in implementing the peace agreement with the FARC, Colombia´s largest and oldest guerrilla group, which in November 2016 signed a Peace Agreement with the Government of Juan Manuel Santos to overcome more than half a century of armed conflict.

"The agreement to terminate the conflict in Colombia has been the best news on peace in the world for a long time [...] We are committed to supporting the consolidation of peace, for the benefit of Colombians, the Latin American region and the whole world" they assured.

In the final reading, the laureates welcomed President Santos, the last to receive this award.

The President, present at the closing ceremony, thanked them for the support of "La Carta de Colombia" the document he presented on Thursday with ten principles to maintain or achieve peace.