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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 16:52

The FARC-EP at Bogotá Book Fair

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Julian Corrado, Jesús Santrich and Pastor Alape, among others have participated in activities at the XXX International Book Fair in Bogota.

At the book launching of "Timochenko, the last guerrilla," by Colombian writer Jorge Rojas, Pastor Alape, commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army, participated while other guerrillas visited the literary show that began last week.

Rodrigo Londoño (Timochenko) sent a video message thanking Rojas for his insistence on narrating his life in the guerrilla.

The presentation of the book by Jorge Rojas was made in an incredibly packed auditorium José Asunción Silva. About 600 people attended and all were very interested and clapped they hands several times.

Rojas said that he was a school friend of Rodrigo Londoño (Timochenko) and that since his school days, more than 40 years ago, they had not met again until Rojas went to Havana, during the peace talks. They resumed a pending talk and agreed to do this book that tells the life of Londoño before, during and after the armed struggle.

The launching of the book was also attended by commander Jesús Santrich and Julian Corrado, singer-songwriter and former member of the Front 19 of the FARC-EP.

Another one of the assistants to Filbo was FARC-EP commander Carlos Antonio Lozada, who together with filmmaker Sergio Cabrera and caricaturist Vladdo, participated in a lively talk on details of the cultural life of the guerrillas in the midst of armed struggle and the role of the media in the construction of peace.

Santrich also plans to attend the auditorium José Asunción Silva next Thursday to take part in the literary meeting entitled 'Walking towards a peace culture', in which he will tell of his experiences of how to develop his musician and poet concerns during the conflict.

What do the FARC-EP guerrillas read? Is the title of another panel presented by culture editor of the newspaper El Espectador, Fernando Araújo, who will talk with Valentina Beltrán, a pedagogue and member of the FARC-EP, who has set up a library in the Transitional Zone of Icononzo in the department of Tolima.

Likewise, Blackstevan, called the guerrilla rapper, and Martin Batalla, reggae singer, are scheduled to perform at the bookstore Bogotana.

Source: Prensa Latina