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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 00:00

Colombia: Victims of State crimes stand in support of the Special Peace Jurisdiction

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According to Alejandra Gaviria, a member of the Victims of State Crimes Movement (MOVICE for its acronym in Spanish), the Special Peace Jurisdiction established in the Peace Agreement signed between the FARC-EP and the Colombia Government is an extremely important tool that will allow the country to pay off its historical debt with the fulfillment of the rights of the victims of the conflict.

Gaviria expressed in a public hearing that “In Colombia we have a conflict that has lasted for decades and that generated a large number of victims who have not had their rights satisfied, impunity in the country exceeds 90%”.

According to Gaviria, attacks by retired General of the Armed Forces, Jaime Ruíz, who is a spokesman for the Association of Retired Officials of the Armed Forces (ACORE for its acronym in Spanish) against the Special Peace Jurisdiction, reflect the image of a country that does not know the truth of the armed conflict and demonstrates the need for a System of Truth, Justice and Reparation that guarantees victims' rights.

During the hearing, General Ruiz said that members of the Armed Forces are facing a “legal war” and that they are being victimized by groups of lawyers that defend victims of State crimes.

For Alejandra Gaviria, the debate on the creation of this System of Truth, Justice and Reparation "wounds many sectors and interests" because the guarantee of truth, justice and reparation "means a rupture with certain privileges that at the same time break a certain blanket of impunity and practices that have somehow benefited sectors that have been committed to making war".

The hope of the victims in the Truth, Justice, and Reparation System

Since the beginning of the debates regarding the peace agreements, victims of State crimes have warned about the lack of consultation in the draft Law for the Truth, Justice and Reparation System stating that there is no participation or centrality of the victims in its implementation.

Likewise, in response to General Ruiz's comments, Gaviria said that in order for these events to never occur again, a Truth Commission must be established in order for the country to know who and for what reasons the aggressors were involved in the armed conflict.

The recognition of the victims of State Crimes

Gaviria said that it is important to evaluate the exercise carried out by the Constitutional Court in summoning and listening to the different voices of those who have been directly affected by the armed conflict. 

Source: Contagio Radio