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Thursday, 14 September 2017 11:44

Conclusions first Plenary of the National Council of the People

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“Us, inventors of fables who believe everything, we feel to have the right to believe that it is not yet too late to undertake the creation of utopia, where the strains that have been condemned to a hundred years of solitude, have finally and forever a second chance on the earth."

Gabriel García Márquez

The first plenary session of the National Council of the People, made up of 111 members, was held on September 2 and 3 following its election during the Foundational Congress of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC).

The plenary designated a 15-member National Political Council as follows:

Rodrigo Londoño (Timoleón Jiménez), President
Iván Márquez, Political Advisor
Pablo Catatumbo, Organization Advisor
Joaquín Gómez
Carlos Antonio Lozada
Ricardo Téllez
Pastor Alape
Bertulfo Álvarez
Mauricio Jaramillo
Sandra Ramírez
Erika Montero
Victoria Sandino
Liliana Castellanos
Benkos Biojó
Jairo Estrada

The Plenary reaffirmed the spirit of unity of the FARC and the need to move towards a government of transition and national reconciliation that closes the chapter of political violence and opens a new era in which full democracy flourishes through peace and good living of Colombian society.

The National Council of the People will determine a political route to build a national work plan that will continue to build the transit of the organization, taking as a starting point the conclusions of the Foundational Congress of the new party, and the need to contribute to the construction of a great social and political convergence for peace, the deepening of democracy, and national reconciliation.

We reaffirm the words of Timoleón Jiménez at the installation of our constitutive congress: "We have to be fully aware of the extent to which we must address the nation, without dogmas or sectarianism, unrelated to all ideological ostentation, with clear and simple proposals".

We are preparing to build a New Colombia, where the sacred right to live in peace is sown by dignity, respect for the people's rights, diversity and social justice in its deepest meanings. A country plagued by violence, corruption and embezzlement, needs to join forces to build a moral power that goes beyond the parties, by the effort to rebuild public affairs. We are going through deep democratic and social transformations.

Our only weapon now is the word and to that effort we will dedicate our political life. We feel a deep pride in being able to contribute to the building of a stable and lasting peace. However, the challenges still pending in the implementation of the agreements and the reincorporation of ex-combatants, lead us to make a direct call to civil society to defend peace as a seed of a much more fruitful national life. The government's failures are the worst message that can be given to a people that has lost confidence in politics, a people that requires facts rather than promises.

In the coming days we will carry out the formal registration of our political party before the National Electoral Council, fulfilling one of the most important stages enshrined in the peace agreement.

We call on civil society organizations, the international community, the Colombian government, the political country, and the people of the deep Colombia to defend the peace agreement and its perspective of building a better future for our people.

We must forever close the door to violence, and contribute to the construction of a democratic culture that is based on human rights and respect for the ideas of the other. The sacred right to live in peace through social justice and humanism.

Likewise, we express our appreciation for the bilateral ceasefire between the national government and the ELN, a step towards the peace in Colombia we all dream of, and a manifestation of the parties' commitment to the different sectors of civil society, which have made the triumph of peace its banner.

National Council of the People
People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force-FARC
Bogotá, September 4, 2017