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Saturday, 20 January 2018 09:15

Medicine Students for International Peace condemns murder of FARC members

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The group of Medicine Students for International Peace is born within the Latin American School of Medicine, nurtured by students from Colombia and different countries who are present in the alma mater and share ideas of progress, development and peace. Understanding the latter as the solution to the conditions that give rise to conflicts.

Colombia has a history of recent violence. With 60 years of internal conflict, it is a nation devastated by pain, anxiety and an uncertain future; however, the different social struggles allowed for a stage of discussion and dialogues between the National Government and the FARC-EP with a view to obtain a negotiated solution to the gloomy panorama of the nation's conflictual reality, leading to the signing of peace agreements that were projected as essential elements for the transition of the guerrillas to political life, the reconciliation of the Colombian people and the construction of a stable and lasting peace, which would act as a memorable legacy for future generations.

Far from meeting these objectives, the current reality shows a lack of knowledge of the commitments made by the government of Colombia, recreates the dark stories of yesterday as the genocide of the Patriotic Union, the ex-combatants of the M-19 and other peace processes that ended with the disappearance of thousands of compatriots and stoked the flames of war; painfully this is our present.

Last Tuesday in a disturbing event the enemies of peace killed Vilmar Asprilla Allin, member of the People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force party and student of the Latin American School of Medicine thanks to the indelible support of the Cuban people and their selfless effort, to create an army of white coats to transform the struggles of war, fighting for health in the world.

Those of us who could share with Vilmar Asprilla remember him for his strong character and candid personality, his permanent willingness to help and guide those who need a helping hand, or even a discreet company in times of crisis, teaching us that the reconciliation of Colombian people are possible by creating strong ties between the victims, former fighters, members of Colombian social organizations and foreigners who shared their spaces.

In view of these painful events, Medicine Students for International Peace strongly rejects this despicable attempt to put an end to the illusions of peace of all the Colombian people, rejects the systematic actions undertaken by the enemies of peace to sabotage and demoralize those who fight for peace, the consolidation and the dream of a different future.

We make an energetic call to the students of ELAM, to the Cuban people, to the Colombian people, to the nations of the world to keep their eyes on the critical situation of Colombia and join voices and efforts to silence the noise of the cannons replacing it with the sound of hope.

We demand that the Colombian Government, headed by the President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, fully comply with the peace agreements and his commitment to the security of the former guerrillas of the FARC-EP, social leaders and human rights defenders;

We also demand actions that respond with real results in the dismantling of the paramilitary and criminal structures that threaten day to day the live hopes of peace embraced by the Colombian people.

"There are men who fight one day and they are good, there are men who fight for many years and they are better, but there are those who fight all their life: those are the essentials" - Bertolt Brecht.


Latin American School of Medicine - Cuba

Havana, Cuba, 18 January 2018