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News from Havana, Cuba

Find here the latest news reports from the peace process, straight from Havana, Cuba. Permanently updated. 
Monday, 12 May 2014 00:00

U.S. government should provide inputs for debate on drug trade

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- EEUU is main producer of chemicals to produce narcotics

- EEUU the main consumer of illicit drugs
- CIA uses drug money to finance counterinsurgency operations

Executive Summary:

FARC insurgency announced this morning in Havana, Cuba, that the third sub-point of the issue "Solution to the problem of illicit drugs" is the main obstacle to come to an agreement on this issue. The sub-point is about drug trade, in which the international community is involved. This makes it difficult, but not impossible, to find a solution, declared Jes?s Santrich, spokesman of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP.

Full report:
Andr?s Par?s and Jes?s Santrich, spokesmen of the FARC-EP in Havana, Cuba, answered questions to the press this morning, before entering the building. The two most important topics were the discussion on illicit drugs and the eavesdropping scandal that came out last week.

Santrich explained that the item "Solution to the problem of illicit drugs" has three sub-points. The first sub-point is on substitution of crops and has been agreed on for 97%. The second sub-?oint is on consumption and public health, and has been finished for 98%, too. The obstacle lies in the third sub-point: drug trade, since the international community is involved in it.

However, he emphasized that:

"those are minor contradictions, we aspire to come to a solution soon and go on with the next item". We are optimistic, always."

?State should take drastic measures in eavesdropping case?

He made clear that the U.S. government should help in the construction of peace in Colombia, providing inputs for the discussion, because it is the main producer of chemicals for the production of narcotics, it is the main consumer, the CIA uses drug money to finance its covert operations; the U.S.A. has the biggest weapon industry and thus promotes violence in Colombia. In conclusion, the U.S.' leading role in drug trade has been permanent, according to Santrich. So the U.S. government has a moral duty to help building peace in Colombia.

Andr?s Par?s, for his part, talked about the coming elections and about the electronic eavesdropping scandal. He explained that for the FARC-EP, the person who did the wiretapping, shouldn't be considered an employee of one or another presidential candidate, but an employee of military intelligence agencies.

Therefore, the state should take drastic measures in these cases, which are an attack, not only against the privacy of the peace delegations in Havana, but also against peace in Colombia. This is the traditional way in which the ruling class does politics in Colombia, manipulating to obtain and maintain its benefits and its comfortable position in society.

?The FARC is not running any campaign, our campaign is for peace, independently from any candidate or political situation?

"Of course - he stated- we denounce the wiretapping, but it's old news for us".

In regard to the elections (the elections will be on the 25th of May) he said the FARC are awaiting the elections calmly, since the different candidates seem to understand the importance of finding a political solution to the conflict. Peace is more important than electoral interests.

"The FARC is not running any campaign, our campaign is for peace, independently from any candidate or political situation".

What the FARC is promoting, is a National Constituent Assembly, according to Par?s. All compatriots who never participate in politics, will be able to make their voices heard.