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News from Havana, Cuba

Find here the latest news reports from the peace process, straight from Havana, Cuba. Permanently updated. 
Monday, 18 December 2017 17:05

FARC is Complying with the Agreement - Video

This Video by Voz de Paces shows the compliance rate by both the FARC and the Government.

As it turns out the FARC are fully complying with the Agreement, while the Government is not.


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Thursday, 09 November 2017 08:50

Peace is everybody's business

The decision to lay down arms and thus close the cycle of military confrontation with the Colombian State was taken without contemplating setbacks.

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For a little more than two weeks, the violent and dark hand of the extreme right, in its many forms and provenances, have been wandering through the south-west of Colombia.

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Press Release published by the National Political Council of the People's Alternative Revolutionary Force on the massacre of Tumaco.

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Considering the concerning news arising from the views of some of the rapporteurs and sections of the establishment's party benches in the House of Representatives aimed at seeking to substantially modify the spirit and letter of the draft legislative act by which sixteen (16) Special Territorial Circumscriptions are created in the House of Representatives, we declare that:

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On March 27, International Day of Theater and Dignity of Art, the different artistic groups of Colombia will be mobilized against the new local, regional and national policies.

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The Verification Commission on the Implementation of the Final Agreement, gave the green light to the formation of the High Instance with Ethnic Peoples.

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On March 6, in the library of the Distrital University, the FARC-EP held a press conference on the "Progress Report on Transitional Zones of Normalisation (ZVTN)", related to the period February 1 - March 1 of this year.

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The representative of the High Commissioner Office for Human Rights in Colombia rings the alarm about the failures in the implementation of the agreements.

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The Tripartite Monitoring and Verification Mechanism  of the Ceasefire and Bilateral and Definitive Hostilities is investigating the events that took place on November 15 in the municipality of Santa Rosa, south of the department of Bolívar, which resulted in death of two people from the FARC-EP. The situation of a third member of the FARC-EP, unharmed, is being investigated.

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