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News from Havana, Cuba

Find here the latest news reports from the peace process, straight from Havana, Cuba. Permanently updated. 

A complaint was filed by the Eduardo Umaña Mendoza Legal Brigade before Mr. Brigadier General Jorge Luis Ramírez Aragón, general director of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute - INPEC - against the Director of the La Picota Prison and the INPEC Guard for the events that occurred On Friday, November 10, 2017, when dozens of political prisoners were brutally crushed after a raid on the cells at dawn hours.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 14:56

Campaign Simon Libertad

Former political prisoner Liliany Obando says that the International Campaign Simon Libertad is “a long term campaign, open to all people and organisations.

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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 16:33

All against the FARC!

Some Guillermo Rico Reyes, with an air of ultra-leftist, publishes on Facebook a post titled Thank you for nothing ... gentlemen of the FARC, about the freedom of Rito Alejo del Rio.

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In order to reach a final peace agreement between actors who had been at war for more than 50 years, it was essential to generate a minimum trust at the talks table and establish effective mechanisms of work, away from the controversy and the media scandal, a method of work quite different from the one that is characterizing Mr. Rivera, accustomed to communicate his concerns or criticism to the press before that to his interlocutors.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017 15:15

Unacceptable death of a political prisoner

At dawn on September 23, Roberto Sepulveda Muñoz, known in our organization as Arturo, and whom we affectionately called Catire, passed away at San Rafael Hospital in the city of Tunja.

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Bogotá, 13 July 2017 - In accordance with resolution 2366 (2017) approved by the Security Council on July 10, which grants the United Nations Mission in Colombia the task of initiating verification of the reincorporation of members of the FARC-EP into the civil life.

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By: Pablo Ruiz, member and spokesperson of the Observatory for the Close-Down of the School of the Americas

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Monday, 03 July 2017 00:00

Peace is built in freedom

Communiqué to the public opinion

"The freedom of the new world is the hope of the universe"
Simon Bolivar

Once again we speak out in favor of Peace, convinced in walking the paths of politics without weapons, going around the country, making the calling to unity, and showing the world the positive results that the end of war has had in a no-return point.

To put an end to the war implies the determined willingness of the parties to comply with what has been agreed upon, to which we have shown commitment and respect in line with the longing for Peace of all Colombians, while the national government does not overcome the rhetoric of discourse and plunges us into an abyss of procrastination that quarrels with the result of five years of dialogue.

An example of the above is the situation of political prisoners of war, who have suffered the worst of treatments by the penitentiary and prison authority, the permanent paramilitary siege, and now the refusal to accede to the benefits of Law 1820 of December 2016 [Amnesty Law], where provisions on amnesty and pardon are issued to our ex-combatants.

The FARC-EP's political project includes all our members without distinction, in which prisoners indispensable, as they gave their lives to the revolutionary cause and deserve to lead this historical moment with new opportunities and a spirit of reconciliation.

As a political organization, we demand for the Head of State to comply with what was signed in Havana and we also express our solidarity with each and every political prisoner of war that is currently in hunger strike in 19 prisons.

The FARC-EP has laid down its weapons, but we have not given up in the struggle for a fair, inclusive, sovereign country. We have not laid down the impetus that characterizes us and on the contrary we are here to fight for those whose rights are being violated.

Central High Command of the FARC-EP

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Today, April 14, we received with deep sadness the news of the death of our comrade Rocío Cuellar Guevara’s baby. To her our fraternal embrace and all our solidarity in this difficult moment.

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This communiqué is to inform that all the political prisoners of the FARC-EP who are in the high and medium security prison of San Isidro, Popayán, have begun a hunger strike for an indefinite period of time until solutions are provided for the following requests:

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