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Il Partito Forza Alternativa Rivoluzionaria del Popolo - FARC denuncia e respinge con forza l’assedio della sua sede di campagna politica situata in Cerrara 9 # 24A-80, Barrio Chamblum, Quibdó.

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The People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force Party - FARC denounces and rejects the takeover of our political campaign headquarters located in the Cerrara 9 # 24A-80, Barrio Chamblum, Quibdó.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 09:27

On the murder of Mario Castaño

On the evening of Sunday 26 November, Mario Castaño, leader of the Madre Union Community and one of the reclaimers of land, was murdered in his farm, in La Florida village, in the Chocó.

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As agreed upon the Final Agreement signed in November last year, the FARC-EP has grouped in 26 different “Transitional Zones and Points of Normalization” where they prepare to reincorporate to civilian life, develop the decommissioning of weapons process, internal census of guerrillas, develop peace pedagogy with combatants and communities, and transit to legal life.

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Source: Pacifista

Text and photos by: Mauricio Morales

He says it’s been four times. Then he thinks about it and says takes it back, he says that it’s been five times. Pedro does not remember very well the number of occasions that the war has forced him to move from Peña Azul, a rural settlement on the banks of the Baudó river, in the Chocó department of Colombia, surrounded by jungle, always wrapped in rain and always nailed to the mud. Like everyone in this place, he speaks in a low voice, does not say much, but by bits he manages to tell what happened in his town last March 3: which caused him and other 526 people to leave the area in stampede from one moment to another.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 15:23

Intervista a Natalie Mistral, FARC-EP

La prima volta che ho visto Natalie Mistral, stava ballando nel fango della selva del Yari, nel Meta, durante la X Conferenza Guerrigliera, alla quale hanno assistito anche oltre 400 giornalisti da tutto il mondo.

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Thursday, 01 October 2015 00:00

Massive displacement in Bajo Atrato, Choc

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The community councils of Bajo Atrato, department of Choc?, make an urgent call to the Colombian State about the forced displacement that has been taking place since last Friday, September 25. 

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