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Wednesday, 09 August 2017 00:00

FARC women will incorporate feminist vision in the new party

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With their view set on the constitution of the new party, the women of the FARC-EP presented proposals that vindicate the Gender and Feminist struggles as a necessary space of struggle for the organization in search of social transformation.

It must be noted that the FARC-EP will transform into a legal political organization after reaching a Peace Agreement with the Colombian government.

In a seven page document, the FARC-EP women established their vision of Feminism in contribution to the "April Thesis'", written by the FARC-EP leadership as a guiding instrument for the discussions of its next Congress, event in which the organization will reform its structure, platform and organic principles, so that they can adjust to the new political situation and challenges.
In this regard, in the mentioned text, they affirm that "feminism is understood as a current of thought and action that seeks to eliminate all practices aimed at maintaining the patriarchal social order which, in turn, sustains inequality in the capitalist system." It also describes feminism as "an ethical-political conception of reality that contributes to the struggle for just conditions and equitable distribution of wealth, overcoming all forms of exploitation, including sexual exploitation."
In that sense, the women of the FARC-EP assert that "Feminism fights patriarchy. This means that it is against the historical social organization that puts men and masculinity as the central axis of relations and social institutions." On this point, they declare that "the masculine identity also needs to be transformed into an identity based on relationships of equality with women and characterized by fair treatment, solidarity and respect for differences, thus building a new and counter-hegemonic masculinity."
Among other things, they refer to the necessary empowerment of women in decision-making spaces, the right to decide on their own bodies, and respect for diversity and sexual orientation. In this regard, they indicate that "it is necessary to continue in the formation of a collective conscience that welcomes the LGBTI population in our political organization and mass organizations. The sexual orientations of the people have no relation with their political behavior, nor do they influence the prestige of the organization. Within the New Party we will maximize vigilance to prevent any type of violence against women, people with diverse sexual orientations and identity constructions."
Likewise, they point out that "the new leadership of the legal political party will evaluate the pertinence of establishing an organization of militant women. This organization will have a national platform that synthesizes the women and gender working fields of the organization."
In the same vein, the FARC-EP women in their thesis argue that "the women and gender field of work in the organization will plan an agenda of public relations and it will also work with the general movement of women and feminists at national and international levels".
On this point, they warn that "such initiatives cannot limit the participation and representation of women in any of the public affairs of the construction of Peace and national policy."

Source: ABP

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